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Gian Carlo is a leadership and executive coach, NLP trainer and Team facilitator

Enterpreneur in Training and  Organizational Consultancy sector. Founder and shareholder of the current following companies:

  • E-consultant
  • METALOG Italy

Italian current rappresentative and partner:

  • EBW Global
  • mBraining Italy
  • The Back of the Napkin
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  • Executive Coach (ICF),
  • Professional Counselor (Assocounseling),
  • Certified Professional Certified Facilitator (IAF),
  • NLP Trainer (R.Dilts), and senior Trainer
  • METALOG EOL Senior Trainer,

Management Experiences:

  • Microsoft
  • Cegos,
  • Indicod (GS1/EAN Italy)
  • NEC Computer/Packard Bell.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Assessment
  • Facilitation
  • Action & Experiential learning

The approaches and tools that he used have become consolidated integrated methods: experiential, emotional and systemic learning projects also through individual coaching and group/team facilitation,  Everything must be done with spiritual and emotional intelligence

Those who wish to effectively improve their personal organization, foster innovation and creativity, transform Leadership (own or group), resolve and manage conflicts, consciously reduce stress, and also sell more, therefore, can find in him a valid support along with powerful tools creating lasting transformations.

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