Leadership Development Trainer in Italy

Gian Carlo is a trainer facilitator with over 20 years’ experience as professional trainer (linked to AIF association -Italian association of trainers) to corporate clients.  With a background in engineering, a master in educational sciences  and a passion, as a Leadership Developer Trainer in Italy: his purpose is to train and facilitate adaptive and resonant leadership, favoring personal growth and collective leadership as a consequence. He Likes to develop Leadership in games and at work. He works with the values of trust in God and empathic integrity.

My main experience

  • Sella Bank
  • Unilever
  • Henkel
  • Merck
  • Yazaki

Main Partnerships

  • EBW Global
  • Hemsley Fraser
  • MDI
  • Demos
Leadership Trainer

How I work

As mainly a leadership developer trainer in Italy Giancarlo helps his clients with an integral leadership approach and consolidated integrated methods and tools:and encourages spiritual intelligence, paying close attention to our words, visions and emotions. He uses several leadership development and learning tools in an intelligently integrated way. Gian Carlo keeps all this with a secret fire that has always accompanied him.

Main Education And Certifications


I can help you to:

  • improve personal organization,
  • foster innovation and creativity,
  • Transform Leadership (own or group/teams)
  • resolve and manage conflicts
  • consciously reduce stress
  • sell more changing own mindset

Main Education and Certifications

  • Master degree in Engineering (Politecnico of Milan)
  • NLP Trainer (NLPU –Global NLP Training & Consulting Community)
  • mBraining Trainer
  • Econsultant senior Trainer  and Management Consultant
  • Dan Roam’s Master Trainer in “The Back of the napkin” (Visual thinking)
  • Dan Roam’s Master Trainer in “Show & tell”
  • EOL (Experience oriented Learning) METALOG senior Trainer
  • -Project Manager Trainer (ISIPM)
  • -Facilitator Trainer
  • Leadership Trainer

Books published

  • Relating and Effective Communication
  • Creativity and Personal Development
  • Management of the Change
  • Wellbeing productive
  • How to improve my prosfessionalism
  • Marketing and Innocation
  • Savings in the operations
  • Quality management and control
  • The armony among the three brains
  • The Metalog methodology
  • Experiential training: instructions for use. Wiki-manual for orienting oneself in experiential learning