Team Facilitatory in Italy

Gian Carlo is a team facilitator in Italy with over 18 years’ experience as a certified professional facilitator (linked to IAF association) to corporate clients.  With a background in engineering, a master in educational sciences  and a passion, as a facilitator : he really enjoys helping others to be trained in facilitation and working with clients to learn and use facilitation for group and team issues.  He’s is also a transformational facilitator and consultant. His clients come to him get new inputs and ideas for their innovation journey and for depth of understanding of why and how things do and don’t work and how that knowledge is applied in their moment as well as adapted in the right way

Main experience

  • iIndicod (now Gs1)
  • Cegos
  • Assimoco
  • IAF Global and IAF Italian Chapter
  • SoL Italy Chapter
  • Canon Italy (CS)

Main Partnerships

  • EBW Global
  • Thenapkinacademy
  • Hemsley Fraseer
  • IAF Global

How I work

As a Team Facilitator in Italy he offers a facilitation skills masterclass highlighting IAF and was the first to offer this in Italy. He co-facilitates and mentors customers and new facilitators. He developed and integrated effective facilitation methods that employ a variety of approaches to stimulate process flow, problem solving and resolution. He assisted one of his client in winning the IAF Global Award Golden Prize 2019 about improving smart facilitation processes in the current organization developing internal facilitators.

Giancarlo Manzoni Metalog
Team Facilitator Uk


For instance, He facilitare his clients to become:

  • Concrete facilitative leaders
  • Pioneers of the participatory approach to planning and deliberation
  • Better team facilitators and effective communicators
  • More authentic and trustworthy
  • More concerned with engaging people in effective problem solving and decision making
  • Better involved in action planning

Main Education and Certifications

  • Master degree in Engineering (Politecnico of Milan)
  • IAF Certified Professional facilitator
  • EBW Advance Facilitator
  • EBW team Facilitator
  • Econsultant senior Facilitator
  • Dan Roam’s Visual thinking Facilitator

Books published and supported in publishing process

  • Host leadership Field book
  •  Creativity and Personal Development
  • Management of the Change
  • The Metalog methodology
  • Presence
  • Leadership from an Emerging Future