Visualizing the future

With METALOG training tools there are powerful tools to visualize the system and the inner emotions.

MeBoard gives a useful tableau du board, a powerful compass to navigate through the coachee’s journey. It can be a litmus test, a powerful dispenser of bliss points and Insights depending on the shared goals.

MeBoard is a visual mirror of your on going personal and professional life. Gives you a zoom in and zoom out about what’s going on and where you want to go today,thanking to the photos,the links you can sort out among the photos, the written meanings and sentences you can put below the photos and on the corners.

MeBoard is the emotional side of the SolutionBoard.

SolutionBoard is a great tool to empower people: it’s a kinesthetic model of your life and if you think around corners you understand that problems are not problems, you can storyboard what’s happening, visualizing time, space, stakeholders, that’s how Innovators and Designers works.

Sticky notes can be used to map some specific areas and zones of the SolutionBoard, and can be used to map the wooden figures.

So..with these tools we can explore and visualize the on going life…t with different objectives in different timelines.

To read here (full interview 2016)