Helping engagement with messy experience: Organizational transformation at Assimoco Group (part two)

I am very excited that my chapter on “Helping engagement with messy experience ..”is published today in the new Host Leadership Field Book.- Please see :The Host Leadership Field Book Let’s continue.. Host Leadership became a common approach to assess personal approaches to different facilitated intervention planning and preparation of interventions. In fact Host Leadership … Read More

Helping engagement with messy experience: Organizational transformation at Assimoco Group (part one)

In 2018 Gian Carlo Manzoni, E-consultant’s director and Marco Ossani, associate partner, delivered a big facilitation project for Assimoco Group, the insurance company of reference of the Italian Cooperative Movement, with which it shares a heritage of history and values. These values ​​ are: Attention and care of the person (Assimoco establish a relationship that … Read More


See the complete article posted at International Institute of Business Analysis ™ (IIBA ®) What is Innovation? What does “Human Centred Innovation” mean? Can we see a common, underlying pattern for the ways to lead an innovation journey? Can we use a kind of “model” for designing a solid innovation process? These are the questions … Read More

Visualizing the future

With METALOG training tools there are powerful tools to visualize the system and the inner emotions. MeBoard gives a useful tableau du board, a powerful compass to navigate through the coachee’s journey. It can be a litmus test, a powerful dispenser of bliss points and Insights depending on the shared goals. MeBoard is a visual … Read More

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American Lessons (second part)

So…after coming back from Cape Code, I can say: Quickness: confronted by the new, very quick media forcefully making their way into the new millennium, Calvino states that “the function of literature is communication between things that are different simply because they are different”. Such a function operates through a mental quickness that cannot be … Read More

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American lessons (first part)

The Italian writer Italo Calvino, in his amazing “American Lessons”, which he wrote in a period when intellectuals debated and wondered about the destiny of literature in the technological and postindustrial era, states that he believes in the future of literature. In fact, there are emotions and sensations only literature can offer, through its specific … Read More


Relational Problem Solving

When things are not going as we expected, we commonly say we have a problem. In other words the outcome of our actions has produced effects which do not fit our expectations and we are not satisfied with them. In many aspects of our lives problems are faced with a more or less positive approach … Read More

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3D Project Management Lab: how resilient managers succeed and prosper where others fail

Today I want to add a comment by a colleague/customer of FAO,  a partecipant in a workshop led by us. “This experimental laboratory experience provided another wording for concepts belonging to a world apparently beyond FAO, mostly business oriented. The timing seems now crucial as far as personal growth and immediate work applications. Project management … Read More