Curious how your business can run more efficiently? My name is Gian Carlo Manzoni, I’m here to show you how

Are you looking for a Leadership Coach / Development Trainer / Team Facilitator in Italy? Discover my skills and we’ll discover if I can help you

Gian Carlo Manzoni Leadership Coach Team Facilitator In Italy

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My Experience & Focus

Leadership Coach

Are you looking for a Leadership Coach for your customers in Italy? Discover how you can perform at a higher level thanks to your consciousness of your leadership styles.

Team Facilitator

In modern business world “companies are teams and virtual teams”. Empower your teams with new integrated facilitating structures. For a real consensus evoking collective intelligence.

Leadership Trainer

Successful organizations strive to keep pace with the escalating complexity of modern times. Emotional Intelligence and connection to real life situations can boost your leadership skills.

Books and Articles

A Strategy for Growth & Sustainability

A list of books and articles published during my professional life